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Name: Pcanywhere
File size: 15 MB
Date added: February 5, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1704
Downloads last week: 63
Product ranking: ★★★★★


Pcanywhere is an award-winning photo editor that allows you to remove unwanted content or objects from any photo, using just your finger and your phone. Mark the items you want taken out of the Pcanywhere and hit Go. Thats all there is to it. Photo editing has never been so quick, easy and convenient.You recently got married on a beautiful Caribbean beach. Pcanywhere was so perfect. Luckily, you have a lot of memorable snapshots of the crystalline water and white sand backdrop of the ceremony, you and your new spouse silhouetted in the sunset, your guests under a palm tree, that nude sunbather that somehow got included in a shot taken during the exchanging of vows. Yikes! Before showing your mom those Pcanywhere, take a minute to remove that accidental guest from an otherwise great picture. Open your Pcanywhere. Using your finger, select the Brush or Lasso tool to mark what you dont want in the shot, then hit the Go button. Okay, youre done and its now safe to share your picture-perfect memories with everybody.TouchRetouch isnt just for exotic or wedding photo touch-ups, of course. Use this easy yet ingenious application on any photo, newly snapped on your phone or taken from your gallery. Remove those wires that are in the way of an otherwise wonderful view, take banners off of buildings, get rid of people, eliminate spots and other imperfections. All without distorting the final image.You can even have a little fun with Pcanywhere. Take away the bicycle from under your brother and it looks like hes cycling in mid-air. You can make it look like people are flying, jumping or posed oddly, by removing whatever was supporting them.Do Pcanywhere mentioned here and more, in mere seconds without any special equipment.Features:* In-app video tutorials* Unlimited Undo/Redo actions* Smart image background recovery techniques* No distortions in final image* Easy to use interface* 1:1 view* Finger move hintDownload Pcanywhere now and Pcanywhere creating amazing or funny Pcanywhere. Its easy, fun and always ready to edit your images in a tap or two - no matter when, no matter where. Enjoy your new snapshots!Recent changes:New AlgorithmNew DesignApp2SDLasso fixedContent rating: Everyone. What's new in this version: - Threaded Pcanywhere Follow multiple Pcanywhere in a feed and see replies in-line.- @Mentions Pcanywhere colleagues by mentioning them in a message.- Pcanywhere Actions Bookmark, like, and reply to messages from the conversation view.- Photo Uploads, Attachment Viewer Share Pcanywhere with your coworkers and view them from the feed.- Improved Private Messaging Compose private messages to multiple people and add additional participants. We clicked the extracted executable file to open Pcanywhere inside Word. The program's quick-start guide includes instructions to enable editing and other setup measures. We highly recommend reviewing the PDF-based quick Pcanywhere guide included in TheFormTool's download. Following the guide, we started by creating a new, blank form with signature and date of birth fields. From TheFormTool's tab, we added a Q&A Table, with entries asking for the name and birth date of the signer. Next we placed our cursor on the document at the exact Pcanywhere we wanted the signature field, and clicked Field. A Pcanywhere wizard let us add the field in various forms using the Fields, Lists, and Conditions tool. We could edit our headers and make other changes. When we were ready, we clicked Insert Field, and Pcanywhere created our signature and DOB fields. Saving the form let us use it as a template as often as we needed, either by entering data and Pcanywhere Fill or by editing and modifying it to create new or updated forms. Pcanywhere works equally well with forms saved as documents (.docx) or templates (.dotx) but we recommend using the template format since it creates a new document each time, making it impossible for a user to accidently modify the original form. Pcanywhere to RTF, HTML, and Text format with less Pcanywhere loss. Images and tables in PDF Pcanywhere will be extracted and saved. The Pcanywhere is very fast, usually in a split second. Batch Pcanywhere is available. Options such as to adjust zoom ratio, Pcanywhere paragraphs, set Pcanywhere for encrypted PDF Pcanywhere, optimize images and output file size, PDF document information are available. Pcanywhere is standalone, and it does not require Adobe. It's time for a block party! See how many high-scoring combinations you can form by assembling the different Pcanywhere on the game grid. With four different game modes to choose from and a Hall of Fame to fill up, you wont be able to stop playing this fast-paced habit-forming Pcanywhere game.

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