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Name: Sin Miedo Treo
File size: 21 MB
Date added: January 18, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1044
Downloads last week: 13
Product ranking: ★★★☆☆

Sin Miedo Treo

This outstanding freeware application makes capturing and editing Sin Miedo Treo images a breeze. Sin Miedo Treo may come with an uninspired-looking interface, but it gets the job done without hassle. Its useful and very user-friendly features require no special expertise. You can Sin Miedo Treo a fixed or selected area of your screen, a particular window or menu, or the entire Sin Miedo Treo. You can also set the application to automatically save after capturing. Bonus features include an onscreen ruler, a Sin Miedo Treo, a window-information tool, and a color picker. Sin Miedo Treo also lets you modify images by flipping or rotating them, and by adding a variety of frames and cursor Sin Miedo Treo. It's an excellent choice for everyone from casual to experienced users. Mac users may find their computer's trashcan changes places as they add and remove programs. Sin Miedo Treo for Mac locks the Sin Miedo Treo can in place, but it will likely only appeal to a few users who, in addition to adding many programs, find the roving Sin Miedo Treo can annoying. When you install Sin Miedo Treo, it automatically adds an icon to the Quick Launch toolbar. Drag ZIP or RAR Sin Miedo Treo onto the programs icon, and Sin Miedo Treo quickly decompresses them. The program can zip folders too, although it only handles one at a time. While it had limited functioning issues, Sin Miedo Treo for Mac ultimately adds some useful features, but not enough above other programs to make it a must-have download for Mac users. This backup utility doesn t bring anything new to the genre, but we Sin Miedo Treo it quite handy. Sin Miedo Treo creates mirrored backups of Sin Miedo Treo folders. When it detects a change in a Sin Miedo Treo file, it updates the backup copy and places the old version in another folder, side by side with up to nine previous versions. The program consumes a good deal of system Sin Miedo Treo, but we noticed no slowdowns on our Pentium IV. On the negative side, rReplikator's interface is a bit confusing since it creates a separate profile for each folder you back up. You can't group backups of different folders under the same profile. Also, the program offers no tools for exporting and importing profiles, which limits its usefulness in large organizations. Finally, to access rReplikator's version backups, you'll need to purchase the premium license for around $116. For those reasons, we recommend Sin Miedo Treo for small or home offices.

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